Our Mission

HCO is a quality mark that conforms to the Halal requirements.

Halal certified companies and products have to meet the highest standards of product quality, maintain best manufacturing practices and uphold high animal welfare standards.


HCO certification accredits an organisation that satisfies the Halal requirement and ensures the quality of the finished product and its constituent ingredients. HCO’s mission is to consistently certify Halal, healthy and hygienic quality consumable products in the meat, food, beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in line with national legislations and Islamic dietary compliance laws.


We aim to combine the highest standards of Islamic theology and science-based evidence in meeting our goals.


The consistent delivery and upholding of these standards is achieved by having regular training and awareness programmes within the industry and for consumers.


HCO prides itself in serving the Muslim community by assuring Halal products through professional and trained Muslim inspectors, technical auditors and highly experienced technical managers through the entire stream of industry to consumption.