Training & CPD (CEHCT)

Staff training and inspection lies at the heart of meeting our certification standards and promoting confidence in the brand for Halal and non-Halal consumers.
We deliver our training through the ‘Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training’ (CEHCT) a wholly owned educational subsidy of the HCO. The Islamic theology, Islamic research wing and the benchmark of the training standards is overseen by the Markfield Institute of Higher Education (MIHE), Leicestershire and evaluated by the CEHCT based at the MIHE in Markfield, Leicestershire. Training is delivered at the MIHE and can also be delivered on site for clients worldwide.
The certificate of completion is provided by the Centre of Excellence in Halal Compliance and Training. It will carry the quality assurance mark of HCO and of MIHE.
Our clients need to ensure high quality and productivity while earning the confidence of their customers and providing confidence in the brand.
We value their commitment to their consumers and seek to work in partnership to promote brand loyalty through training.

This training will consist of following three parts:

1. Islam and significance of Halal, cleanliness and hygiene

2. Halal auditing and compliance

3. Meat science and animal welfare

We also run following training courses by qualified trainer and awarding Body is Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH), UK:

Level 1  Award in Food Hygiene Awareness
Level 2  Award in Food Safety for Retail
Level 2  Award in Food Safety and Hygiene
Level 2  Award in HACCP for food Manufacturing
Level 2  Foundation Award in Food Hygiene
Level 3  Award in Food Safety supervising in Catering /Retail
Level 3  Award in Supervising Food Safety and Hygiene (Catering /Retail)
Level 3  Award in HACCP for Food Manufacturing
Level 3  Award in Food Safety for Food Manufacturing